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Where should I live in London

Where should I live in London? That is the question. If you are already living in London and looking to move or if you are moving to the capital from further afield, the vastness and variety of London can be rather daunting. There is so much choice in the capital. When asking yourself ‘where should I live in London’, you will no doubt end up with a long list of places and the good and bad points for each.

When considering where should I live in London, you have to consider your interests, work place and, perhaps most importantly, your budget. Living right in the city might mean you are close to your office, but can you afford the extortionate rental and property prices there? Living close to the green open spaces of Richmond and Wimbledon will allow you to pursue your love of outdoor activities, but these are two of the most expensive places to buy property in South London. The considerations are virtually endless when asking yourself ‘where should I live in London’. Hopefully we can provide you with a few

Where should I live in London

Where should I live in London?

Social Life

If you are a young professional just starting out on a career in London, you will want to be close to the action. Half the fun of living in London is being surrounded by great bars, clubs and restaurants. Some of the most popular places to live for a good social life include Camden, Fulham, Peckham, Shoreditch and, of course, the West End. These places are a hub of social activity and include once unglamorous areas of London that have been transformed by way of regeneration.


When asking yourself ‘where should I live in London’, does cultural diversity play a part? Do you want to experience life in a place that is full of different cultures, crafts, arts and food? London is regarded as one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world so, wherever you choose to live, will be diverse and interesting. Areas such as Brixton, Bayswater and Camden are very multi-cultural, exciting, vibrant places to live.

Green open space

If you like running, cycling, walking and other outdoor activities then you will want to live near to parks and greenfield areas. There are plenty of famous green spaces in London – Regents Park, Richmond Park, Clapham Common, Kew Gardens and Wimbledon Common. When considering the question ‘where should I live in London’ this all important ‘green space’, offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Unfortunately, it can’t be avoided! The one factor that will probably be the most influential when you ask yourself where should I live in London. It is all very well looking at places with a great nightlife, or a diverse cultural mix or green open spaces. But can you afford to buy or rent in these areas? What would be the best solution? Perhaps an area of London that cater for all your needs under one umbrella.

Have you thought of Croydon when debating where should I live in London? The town has emerged in recent years as one of the most exciting and developing boroughs of London. Undergoing a huge regeneration project, Croydon has all of the above and more – great nightspots and entertainment, green open spaces, cultural diversity. And, perhaps most importantly, a number of affordable housing projects recently completed or under construction.

If you’d like to find out more about these new build developments and the benefits of choosing Croydon, click here.

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