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Where do Young Professionals Live in London

Ask any young professional and they will want to live in London at some stage of their lives. It is the business and social heart of the UK and any young graduate or worker will relish the challenge of living and working there. If you have friends who work in London, they will no doubt talk enthusiastically of their busy social calendars and all the activities they enjoy. It is an enticing, exciting city. But where do young professionals live in London?

Finding somewhere to live in London can be a daunting, exhausting task, especially for young professionals coming to the city from small towns or villages. It is such a diverse, complex, exhilarating, chaotic, confusing place, where do you start?! So, where do young professionals live in London? All over really. Not a very definitive answer.

If you are looking to rent or buy in London you will have literally thousands of properties to choose from. But finding an area you want to live in is the first challenge. And there are plenty of ‘areas’! You want to find somewhere that fits in with your personality and interests. An area that is affordable, close to your work and friends. It can be hugely time consuming to find an area in London that you want to live.

Where Do Young Professionals Live in London

Where do Young Professionals Live in London?

For 20 somethings, there are great places to live in London – Clapham, Fulham, Wimbledon, Brixton. Depending on the length of your beard, you might be drawn to the hip areas of Shoreditch or Hoxton. When asking where do young professionals live in London, would you ever have considered Croydon? Yes Croydon, that slightly dull, uninspiring town in South London.

Not anymore. Croydon has changed dramatically in recent years. It is a ‘tech city’ that is booming like no other in and around London. Ask friend or colleagues ‘ where do young professionals live in London?’ and you might hear one or two mention this town.

There are many attractive reasons to look at Croydon. A huge amount of money has been invested in the town as part of a regeneration project. The famous Westfield Shopping Centre is undergoing a huge makeover to turn it into one of the leading retail and entertainment centres in London. More and more businesses are being attracted to the area as it booms, giving the town the nickname of the Silicon Valley of the South. Trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs are also attracting the young professionals. But it is the commute into London that is perhaps the biggest selling point. 19 minutes into Victoria. That is quicker than many of the places we mentioned earlier. And a shorter commute gives you more time to enjoy the town and surrounding area as it continues to grow.

So where do young professionals live in London? All over, yes. But they are starting to notice Croydon.

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