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What is Buy to Let Anyway?

So far we’ve gone into some detail about our flats and how ideal they are for first time buyers. An Inspired Home isn’t just a great first time buyer flat, but a lucrative buy to let investment opportunity as well.

But what is buy to let anyway?

Investing in property, in bricks and mortar, can feel more comforting than other investment options to many. Buying a property with the intent to rent it out can be a single investment that supplements your earnings, or something you grow into a portfolio that could one day replace your entire income.

The decision to purchase a property with the intent to let starts like buying a property to live in, you look for similar criteria: a rising location, easy transportation, and other local amenities–but instead of your direct needs, you imagine those of your ideal tenant’s.

Like any investment, look to buy in neighbourhoods that are on the rise and have some interesting element(s) of added value, be that a new shopping centre, a proposed Crossrail station, or some other local development that will affect prices in a positive way. Consider how the demands of the area are changing and how can you ride that change to your advantage. Developers do their research before constructing new build flats to ensure that their new homes are close to transportation with direct links to desirable areas, easy grocery shopping, and other local amenities; ours certainly are!

Remember, while you may have enough to purchase right now, there are those who don’t, but are attracted to the area and are happy to remain renters; that’s where you come in. You may not need a one bedroom flat with quick cheap transport to London during the work week with hip and eclectic venues nearby for the weekend–but someone else sure does.

So, consider buy to let. It might be more achievable than you thought. For more information on Buy-to-let, come see us at the Landlord Investment Show in Croydon, on Thursday May 14th.

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