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Upcylced Inspiration: Soda Bottle Herb Pots

As most of you know, the joy behind Inspired Homes is that we take old and unused office buildings and love them into new, tech savvy, amenities based apartments. So clearly we love all things upcylced. Not only is it more eco friendly to use what’s already there before starting from scratch, but it opens up your creativity too.

Those little pots of herbs at the grocery store are lovely, but as they sit out waiting to be clipped and trimmed for your recipes, why not let them sit in something a little more fun.

For this project you will need:

Empty, clean, and large plastic soda or water bottles.

Spray paint

Sturdy scissors

Washi Tape/ Markers (optional)

Herb pots (around 99p at your local market)


Make a cut into the middle of the bottle, insert scissors and remove top half. Then, making sure you leave enough room for the height of the planter, and a little more for good measure, cut down and make a tab. Fold the tab over and cut out, then insert scissors and carefully cut away the excess plastic.


If you’ve left enough room, you can get crafty and cut whatever design you want along the top, we opted for an easy “crown” motif on some.



Now that you have your trimmed cups its time to paint. Always be in a well ventilated area when using spray paint, and given the emerging spring weather, there’s no place like outside for this project.


Cover your outdoor workspace with newspaper, or a drop cloth. Turn cups on their tops and spray away. Wait until they are dry and turn over, give another coat. You can get crazy with the painting, feel free to mix colours or experiment with effects.



Let the pots dry thoroughly, though this shouldn’t take long.


If you would like, now is the time to spruce them up. We added Washi tape banners and some marker polka dots.


We think these little guys look pretty nifty, and hope you do to!

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