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Upcycled Inspiration: Shell Ring Dishes

It’s summertime, so hopefully you’ve made it to the beach, and maybe have some seashells to show for it!

Perhaps you gathered them along the sand (or maybe were a little cheeky and bought some) but now they’re just sort of hanging around. So why not get crafty?

We bring you this super simple, but very fun project.  All you need is:

– Some shells wide enough to hold small items, from rings to keys, cleaned and dry

– Shimmery spray paint (we went with gold/bronze)

– Newspaper

We recommend doing this project outside.  Lay the newspaper flat and position the shells.


Now spray!  Like we said, very easy. We choose to mix it up when painting the shells, colouring the inside of some, just the outside of others, and some entirely—just to see what we would like best.


Let dry, this shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Now enjoy!  A great little dish to hold your frequently worn/used small items!


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