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UK house prices continue to rise despite post-Brexit concerns

The UK’s housing market has shown huge levels of resilience over recent years, and this current post-Brexit situation is proving no different.

Following several studies, the housing market is clearly showing early signs of growth following the UK’s decision to leave Europe.

The Office for National Statistics’ house price index highlights how July saw an 8.3% growth in price in the year to July. Furthermore, house prices rose by 0.4% between June and July 2016, with the volume of sales also being on the rise.

When looking at the market as a whole, recent home purchasers can rest assured as the average price of a UK home is currently £17,000 higher than a year ago, meaning they have already experienced a substantial level of capital appreciation.

In London, the average house price has surged above £600,000, experiencing average price increases of almost 15%. This, however, does continue to make things increasingly difficult for those wanting to buy their first property in the capital.

We, therefore, focus on providing homes for first-time buyers that are not only attainable, but offer beautiful interiors as well as award-winning communal sky gardens, cinema rooms and business lounges.

We’ve made it our business to discover what young Londoners really want and then we make sure that they can actually afford it!

All of our homes are based in locations with superb transport links, excellent amenities and a real sense of community.

In addition, we work with designers to ensure all of our studios and apartments are fitted out with the latest home technologies and are always aesthetically pleasing.

That is why we think you’ll be glad to hear that despite our apartments being the very best when it comes to urban living, they are priced well below the London average of £610,000.

Our homes start at £ 235,000 and we also have help to buy in place, meaning that a London apartment could be yours with just a 5% deposit.

To find out more, please contact the team on 0208 688 6552

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