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The Sutton Trust: Housing the young employed in London

The Sutton Trust has managed to help thousands of young working professionals from low and middle income backgrounds to study at the leading institutions. However, it’s research has highlighted how it has become increasingly difficult to live in London with such high costs. Even renting an apartment has become a distant hope for many, meaning we need an answer, and we need it quickly.

As a nation, we need to build more affordable homes, but to date, this suggestion has only amounted to a political stunt, as opposed to a delivered policy. London needs to be able to attract the brightest minds, and we need to make it easier for them to get onto the London property ladder to help them to flourish.

Inspired believes that giving these young professionals the keys to the London property ladder is vital for the city’s future. Younger people are finding it more difficult to move to London than in the past. No matter what area they choose, a large percentage of their income will go towards paying for shared accommodation. This, for us, simply doesn’t seem right.

We have therefore worked hard to deliver affordable, luxurious apartments in brilliant locations for a young working professional. All of our apartments feature the best appliances, and utilise clever design to create a usable, yet efficient living spaces.

To date, we offer homes in Epsom, Croydon and Sutton. Each location boasts unique characteristics, from Croydon’s music and tech scene, Epsom’s rural beauty, or the family atmosphere in Sutton.

To find out more, please visit or call our team on 020 8688 6552.

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