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The Property Market Post Brexit

Help To Buy - Inspired Homes

Many never predicted the outcome of this latest referendum would result in a Brexit, however, the country has spoken and we must look to the future.

Last Thursday’s vote resulted in a huge wave of panic, and there has been much scaremongering about what will happen next.  This has caused many people to question whether it is right to proceed with house purchases put in motion before the vote.

However, now is actually an opportune time to buy, as house prices, particularly those in London, could become more competitive. The market has slowed slightly which could be a great thing for buyers. Now could be the perfect window of opportunity to afford your dream home! 

As a recent article in the Financial Times stated, ‘initial uncertainty and worry among consumers is likely to lead to an immediate stalling of the housing market, although it will take much longer to see the full economic effects’. That means prices may not accelerate as much as they were predicted to.

Ultimately, our ambitions and ideologies have not changed. We are focused on helping first-time buyers to purchase a home in what has become an overly competitive housing market. We build superb apartments with high tech, high spec and excellent resident facilities that are very reasonably priced. In addition, having Help to Buy in place means that the Summer of 2016 could be the time when you purchase your very own London home.

To find out how you can Live Brilliantly with Inspired homes.  Please contact the team on 020 8688 6552

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