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The new Silicon Valley? Croydon on the verge of developing into a ‘Tech Hub’

The Exchange Square just behind Surrey House has been a largely underutilised space for a long time. Well that might be about to change.

The Croydon Council have submitted a bid to transform the area into a tech hub providing an ideal platform for artists, and small enterprise as well as a theatre and space for outdoor events.

The regeneration of this area will create hundreds of jobs and bring to life an area that is central to Croydon and has thus far been neglected. Alison Butler, the labour Council cabinet member for regeneration, stated that “When we are talking about the new face of Croydon, Exchange Square has potential to be right at the centre of that”.

Matthews Yard, a coffee shop/workspace, has been driving the Croydon Tech City scene with regular events for entrepreneurs and startups. The Council has requested a fund of £1m from the London Regneration Fund. Along with a number of other organisations including Guildhouse Rosepride, the owners of the pumping station, they will find out if the bid has been successful in the next month.

Should it go ahead, the renovation of Exchange Square indicates a positive step in Croydon’s journey to regeneration – allowing the local community to expand and flourish.


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