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The Future of Home Technology

The future of home technology is either exciting or scary, depending on how you feel about robots wandering around your house or your toilet telling you have diabetes. The innovations in technology across the world, in any area, are often mind boggling – stuff you’ve only imagined in the movies. But what we have seen in those films is fast becoming a reality. And home technology is leading the way.

So what is the future of home technology? Of course, as a homeowner, you can control the level of technology you have in your home. But if you are buying a new build home then chances are it will feature modern innovations and creative concepts that you haven’t seen or used before. Do you embrace it or run away?!


What’s in Store for the Future of Home Technology?

Controlling your home from your smartphone or tablet is already a reality and already the norm for many. Innovative apps will allow you to control the thermostat, lighting, music and more. You can also choose presets if you are looking to create a certain mood for a particular occasion. And many people already have robots in their homes, little hoovers that hover around all day, collecting dust and rubbish from the floor. But how would you feel about a mutant robot with one arm and three fingers that can pick up items, tidy up, operate machines and serve drinks to dinner guests? A prototype robot has been developed by scientists in Germany that can do these things and more. And it won’t be long before is launched onto the market. Creepy or progressive?

Smart appliances are already becoming a big part of the future of home technology. Fridges, washing machines, freezers and more with touch screen displays and innovative technologies designed to make your life easier. They will also make ‘decisions’ based on your preferences or requests sent from your smart device.

The future of home technology is fascinating. It will be interesting to see how these gadgets and gizmos actually contribute to making our lives better or easier. One thing that will definitely change in future is home design. We are likely to see a lot more creative, innovative, environmentally friendly and energy saving home designs in the future. And as creative developers ourselves, that is what excites us here at Inspired Homes.

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