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Spotlight: Surrey Street Market, Croydon

Welcome to our first Spotlight post!

Every now and then we will take you on a more personal adventure around our properties.  Today, we are happy to start with Surrey Street Market, right outside our three Croydon properties: Canius House, Surrey House and Green Dragon House, enjoy!


Don’t get me started on your bang for buck of this place. After my first trip I left with a HUGE bag of lemons I didn’t need just because, well, they were so juicy looking and reasonably priced!

The history is pretty nifty too. Speculated to have begun as early as the Anglo-Saxon period, we know for sure that this market has been around since at least 1236, making it the oldest outdoor market in Britain.

There’s something about knowing people having been picking over vegetables and buying little gifts here since medieval times that makes it all a bit more magical.

It’s not just good for the unique weekly shop of fruit, vegetables, bushels of herbs, flowers, meats, fish and cakes–but also for great new street food too.

In my opinion, one of the best things about the Surrey Street Market is that, unlike so many of London’s outdoor markets, you still walk away feeling like you got the better end of the deal.

It’s a real, extremely reasonably priced, and for lack of a better word, old-school, place to spend some time. It has the quirk and charm of an era where the outdoor market was the regular place to get what you need, and it’s that quality–the dedication, the communion of vendor and wanderer–that I enjoy so much about it.



surrey st1

So if you’re looking for some great food, a fun date idea, or just an excuse to make lemon flavoured everything, swing by Surrey Street Market for a serious treat!  Open Monday- Saturday from 7am to 6pm.

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