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Spotlight: Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter

Albert's Table - Croydon

You’ve heard how excited we are about the progress with our new Coombe Cross development, but did you know it’s right in the middle of Croydon’s awesome Restaurant Quarter?  There are lots of great restaurants to choose from, and the area itself is set for even more expansion as the Westfield redevelopment draws near.  Which means more lovely and diverse food options and more cafe style outdoor seating. Here are three great options to taste, all of them close to our upcoming Coombe Cross.

Albert’s Table

This restaurant opened in 2008 and specializes in British food with a gourmet flair, sourcing local ingredients with a focus on providing the best dining experience that begins the moment you walk through the door. It’s known for quality ingredients, excellent preparation, and artful but decidedly “un-fussy” plating.  You don’t have to travel to central London for exceptional dining.

Albert's Table, Croydon - Crab Tart


A cursory glance at the menu will show you this is not your “average British curry house” it is so so much more.  Known for delightfully creative takes on classic Indian dishes this hot spot is truly an experience to be savored and enjoyed.  Karnavar also serves modern European dishes, and the fusion is a delight for the eyes and the pallet.  They also offer mastery cooking classes!

Karnavar, Croydon -Bharwan Paneer

Croydon Steak House

A staple of the Croydon food scene since 1967, specializing in, you guessed it, steak! It’s family run and renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and delightful comfort food, the steaks are serious bang for your buck and cooked to perfection.

The Croydon Steak House

What are some of your favourite Croydon restaurants?  Tell us below!

One thought on “Spotlight: Croydon’s Restaurant Quarter

  1. Wetherspoons on Mondays – Mexican Monday is amazing… This was written on Sept 2015. They have upped their game and the spices are simply lovely! Mexicans restaurants watch out

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