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Savvy Storage: Using Your Space to the Max


As you know by now, Inspired Homes loves it’s savvy and efficient layouts, we hope you do too! But why stop there? Here are some attractive tips on using your space to the max.

Switch Out Your Seasons.

This may seem like old news, but it deserves a shout out. Twice a year, when you’re sure you won’t be wearing it again that season, the coats and thick sweaters, or shorts and too-strappy shoes, get switched. Its actually a very fun feeling. You could use an old trunk turned side table, big decorative stacking baskets, or those handy under bed plastic rollers. OR you could be really awesome and go the vac-pac route.


Clothes Racks.

Coats. Jackets. Blazers. Wrap tie sweater things. More blazers. Or just your favorite to look at pieces. Store it outside the closet. Wham. Bam. Done.


Show Off Your Ingredients.

Not enough room in the cupboards? Switch out the packaging for bright label free jars and keep them out, the tops of cupboards are a great place to showcase fun ingredients in nice big jars. You can recycle old ones by soaking them to remove the label, or purchase funky new ones like below.


Check out our Savvy Storage board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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