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Rents due to rise across the Capital following the Chancellor’s recent tax assault on the buy-to-let sector

Thanks to the actions of George Osborne, almost all landlords are considering increasing rents to pay for the higher taxes they now face.

The information comes from a survey by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), which found that 84% of private sector landlords are likely to consider increasing rents and 78% of landlords felt that the changes would deter them from investing in more properties to rent, with half considering getting rid of properties.

This, combined with the rising demand for properties in London, is fueling prices to rise to a level which makes buying a home a much more affordable option.

RLA Chairman Alan Ward said: “The Chancellor’s tax policies are impacting on tenants’ lives – not only are more than four in five facing rent increases but half of landlords may be selling rented property, which might result in tenants being  given notice to leave their properties.

“Ministers need to end the myth that landlords are to blame for the country’s housing crisis and base policy on fact, not political expediency.”

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