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Property Week Q&A: Cutting-Edge Conversions


Our CEO Martin Skinner was interviewed by Property Week recently!

It’s a great article that outlines what we do to make such space-savvy flats, and why First Time Buyers are so important to us.

Martin discusses how while our apartments might have less square footage, they do not sacrifice any usable space, making them economical but incredibly high spec and efficient. Our residents still get good sized bedrooms and living rooms, but are not paying for unused hallways and other redundant spaces.

“We focus on residents” Martin explains, “we’ve put into Green Dragon House a big roof terrace with a big electric barbecue, so people can come home from work, hang out, cook food together, make friends with their neighbours and build those social connections, and actually establish a real community.”

Thank you Property Week for showing the passion and dream behind Inspired Homes!

If you have a subscription* to Property Week you can read the full article here.


*Property Week is a subscription only publication with great news and industry tips, if you would like to get serious about Buy-to-Let or just be in the know about all things property, you can register for free here.

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