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Property Week: London in Flux?

Property Week partners with Savills to bring together industry insiders from both the public and private sector to discuss the current issue of sky high residential prices and the best practice solutions to create a more balanced property market in London.

The round table included in-the-know professionals, including our own CEO Martin Skinner.

Most would be first time buyers are priced out of the property market. However, Martin’s solution of providing more homes through efficient use of space (while not skimping on high-quality finishes) offers young Londoners a chance to own their own home.

Highlights from the roundtable include a call for the support of small and mid-size developers, along with streamlined planning processes, and increasing overall investment in more commuter neighbourhoods.

Inspired Homes dedicates itself to being quick, creative, and most importantly, to doing more with less to ensure a more balanced and bright future for London.

The full article is available here. If you would like more insider news you can subscribe to Property Week for free!

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