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Property for Sale in Croydon

Improvements in London’s travel network has made a huge difference to how people move around this big, bustling city. This has led to a sharp increase in commuters to central London looking for property for sale in Croydon. The London suburb is booming and this is down to, in no small part, its super-quick travel links into central London.

Property for Sale in Croydon

So if you are considering property for sale in Croydon, what kinds of travel times are you looking at to get into central London and the city? Train times and frequency from East Croydon into popular London locations can be seen below:

• East Croydon to London Bridge, 13 mins, trains every 5 minutes.
• East Croydon to London Victoria, 16 mins, trains every 6 minutes.
• East Croydon to Blackfriars, 19 mins, trains every 11 minutes.
• East Croydon to London St Pancras, 30 mins, trains every 10 minutes.

Some of these times are quicker than tube journeys between stops actually in central London! This is the appeal that Croydon has as a commuter hotspot. The other obvious benefit is that you are closer to the beautiful countryside of the South East. Gatwick Airport is just round the corner too. And there is also a super-fast tramlink from Croydon to Wimbledon if you fancy a bit of shopping or a walk on Wimbledon common.

Property for Sale in Croydon has changed

A few years back, the thought of property for sale in Croydon would raise images of dull tower blocks and a rough, rundown place to live. Not anymore. The area has received a large injection of funding as part of a regeneration plan to improve the town centre and redevelop public spaces. This has resulted in a total transformation in the type of property for sale in Croydon.

At Inspired Homes we have played a major part in Croydon’s property boom. We have converted a number of old buildings into luxury apartment blocks that are perfect for commuters and their families. These hi-spec, hi-tech, open-plan flats have a contemporary, yet homely feel. And they are much more affordable than similar properties you might find in the rest of London. Our properties present great potential for capital growth for homebuyers as the area continues to boom. Property for sale in Croydon is moving fast, like the town itself.

Check out our portfolio here.

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