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Platinum Business Magazine: Developing the Dream

house for sale Croydon

Platinum Business Magazine delivers an exciting spotlight on Develop Croydon, an organization dedicated to promoting all that Croydon has to offer.

The organization had to tackle lots of hurdles and stagnation, but the success over the last few years has been significant.

Our own Inspired Homes developments, Green Dragon House, Canius House and Surrey House, are featured as examples of swift and creative solutions to the housing crisis, while also encouraging young Londoners to contribute to the growing and engaging cultural landscape that is Croydon.

The article also mentions improvements to Croydon’s retail sector. As well as aesthetic enhancements like outdoor seating and newly paved promenades that contribute to a warmer sense of community for local residents.

While transport into central London is becoming faster and easier, Develop Croydon is clear that Croydon is not just another commuter town, explaining that people are becoming more proud to live and work in Croydon, especially as it becomes “cooler” with more attention being paid to its thriving art scene and unique restaurants—we couldn’t agree more. Overall the increase in developments will inject the local economy and small businesses with both capital and creative energy; it truly is an exciting time for Croydon!

You can read the full article here. Thank you Platinum Business Magazine and Develop Croydon!

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