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New Build Properties in London

Whether you are London born and bred or from outside the capital, its appeal as a place to live and work is unquestionable. You can’t get bored in a city like London, with its endless list of things to do and see. But you can get frustrated. With the rising house prices, the cost of living, the transport system. Traditional properties in London are expensive. New build properties in London are extortionate. How can you live in London and enjoy all the wonderful things this great city has to offer without ruining yourself financially?

The answer is simple. Don’t live in London. Live a little outside. New build properties in London suburbs and boroughs are so much cheaper. And you can still work through that endless of things to do and see in London because you’ll be just a short hop away. In fact, you might even add to the list – discover some hidden gems and secrets in London’s wider circle that otherwise might remain unexplored.

So where are we talking about? When looking at new build properties in London, Sutton probably didn’t spring to mind as a place to buy your first property. But it certainly should be. Sutton, like many nearby towns, is a rapidly expanding commuter hub that has funding for extensive regeneration. If new build properties in central London are the dream, new build properties in Sutton could well be the reality. And an exciting reality too.

New Build Properties in London

Look further afield for New Build Properties in London

Sutton is currently undergoing a £400m regeneration programme and has recently been voted as one of the top 5 places to live in London. It is very much open for business. And set to boom. The housing developments going up in the Sutton area will give you an alternative to new build properties in London. And much more. Improved transport links will get you into London in super-quick time. Public spaces and buildings are being regenerated. A new Sainsbury’s, Premier Inn and TK Max have appeared, bringing jobs in abundance and adding to the commercial value of the area.

While there are many benefits of new build properties in London, they all tend to lack one thing. Open space. Sutton has this in abundance – green areas, outdoor activities a plenty. And add in top quality schools and affordable office space, you can see why Sutton is hugely appealing for young families.

Inspired Homes are close to completing a beautiful development of new build properties in Sutton. Sutton Court is a fine example of an affordable housing project in the Sutton area that will attract first time buyers and young families looking for new build properties in London. You can find out more about it here.

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