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New Build Developments in London

If you take a drive around London and nearby towns, you might well have noticed a lot of building developments underway or recently completed. And one common theme that you may notice with these new build developments in London is that many of them are old buildings that have been given a thoroughly modern makeover. From the old comes new and these old buildings have been transformed into enviable living spaces with all the stylish design and high tech gadgets expected in modern homes.

So what is the appeal of these old buildings and why are they so popular for new build developments in London?


Many of the old buildings in London have great history and tradition. And they are often recognisable as landmarks in the local area. People like tradition and history. Wouldn’t it be great to own a flat in one of those old buildings? And wouldn’t it be a shame to tear it down and build bog standard, modern apartment block with no character or history? Many of the new build developments in London are steeped in tradition on the outside but showcase contemporary living on the inside.

New Build Developments in London – the Perception

Many people imagine new build developments in London to be featureless and characterless. Small rooms, low ceilings, tiny gardens and zero charm. Not everyone wants a boxy flat in a boxy building. There is also the perception that these new build developments in London are churned out, as if on a factory line, resulting in low quality fittings and finishing. So old fashioned buildings that have new fashioned homes inside are attractive. And these buildings usually have large scale appeal – high ceilings and big rooms coupled with interesting features and cosy corners. The challenge is for developers to incorporate modern living into these old buildings and the results are often spectacular!

New Build Developments in London


Many of the older style buildings that are used for new build developments in London are ideally located. Many of them were used as offices or factories so they are located close to road and rail links. This makes these new build developments appealing to commuters looking for cheaper property outside Central London.


The cost of constructing new build developments in London from the ground up is, of course, very high. If the building is already there, the canvas is in place for developers to start creating their modern living masterpieces. Reduced costs allow developers to offer the finished homes at a more affordable price for first-time buyers, young professionals and investors.

Here at Inspired Homes we have transformed a number of old London buildings into brilliant, affordable livings spaces. Take a look them here to see why new build developments in London are better with a little bit of charm on the outside.

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