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Moving in: Finding your Couple Style


Moving in with your partner is an exhilarating, albeit at times terrifying prospect.

There are so many pros, spending more time together, saving some serious money on rent, groceries, and bills, and reaching a closer level of intimacy, trust, and all around working togetherness.

Then there’s also that moment when you realize how much STUFF you both have, and your partners insistence on keeping that duck taped lounge chair or hot pink gilded mirror.

Here are 6 tips on merging your tastes, and decor to find your own unique couple style:

1. Take Stock

There are some things that just won’t work with your new place. How many pots do you need? How many dish sets? Is his parents old couch too big to even fit through the door?  Before you tackle the hard stuff, streamline to the realities of your new home.

2. Mix those Memories

Blend your personal mementos together. There’s something nice about his favorite old coffee mug holding your multicoloured pen collection, or her bronzed baby shoes book-ending your fantasy novel series.

3. Grow it Up

If he doesn’t want to chuck that frayed poster he’s had taped to his wall since university, find some middle ground. Give it an adult touch by having it professionally framed; skip the basic black border for something you pick out together that ties it into the rest of the room.

4. Consider it

Even if it’s an item you NEVER would have picked out for yourself, consider it, try to look at the item with fresh eyes and take in all it’s features independent of the whole, it’s colour, its texture, can you find a complimentary piece that’s your taste to “bring it all together”?

5. Tweak it.

Can you live with that old dresser but just can’t stand the terrible chipped grey paint? Re-furbish it in a different colour! Is that one piece of furniture she loves just TOO frilly? Adjust it. A little compromise (and elbow grease) goes a long way*.

6. Purchase something new…together.

Once you’ve figured out what you have too much of, and made what you want to keep work together, go out and purchase something you BOTH love. Hit the flea market, or that new modern show room.

*check out our “Handy Homes” Pinterest board for some inspiration!

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