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Move over central London, it’s all about the suburbs!

We admit, many people are drawn to living in zone 2 or zone 3 of London. With the extensive list of bars and the excitement of it all…but then people realise that they actually don’t have money to spend on things they enjoy because their rent is so ludicrously high!

Where’s the point in that? Surely it makes far more sense to actually own your own house in your 20’s, have lots of disposable income, and live just 20 minutes away from prime London? Of course it does, so while we have your attention, we introduce you to the Greater London hotspots such as Croydon, Epsom and Sutton.


Croydon is due to be the home of the next Westfield shopping centre, has plenty of restaurants and music venues, as well as being seen as the tech hub of the UK.

Sutton is wonderfully green with a village feel, yet is still just 25 minutes away from Zone 1.

And, Epsom is of course home to one of the world’s most famous racecourses, boasts glorious open spaces and one of the prettiest high-streets you will ever have the fortune of seeing!

We have developments in all of these areas, simply because we love them so much! (Even our staff own apartments in these places).

Plus, all of our homes offer an open plan interior designed for modern, luxurious urban living. They include the latest efficiencies in heating technologies, the UK’s fastest hyperoptic broadband, Sky TV and marble bathrooms really do let you ‘live brilliantly’.

Our homes start at just £183,950 and we have help to buy in place, which means that a Greater London home could be yours with just a 5% deposit.

To find out more, click here or contact our team on 020 8688 6552. 


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