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Luxury Homes for Sale in London

We’ve all seen the lists of the top luxury homes for sale in London on the internet. A £40m pad in Highgate. A £70m apartment for sale in One Hyde Park (yes, that’s £70m). Or how about a town house in Victoria for £35m? These luxury homes for sale in London are for the super rich. The photos are nice to look at and the properties are always an interesting talking point. But the average Londoner will laugh at the price and laugh even more at the person paying that price.

Of course, there are more affordable luxury homes available in central London but these don’t stay on the market for long. Many of the buyers of luxury homes for sale in London are foreign investors looking for property in prime locations. But many of these properties lay empty once purchased, adding to the frustration for young buyers.

Luxury Homes for sale in London

What to expect with Luxury Homes for Sale in London

So what are your expectations for these overpriced Luxury Homes for Sale in London? Luxury itself is a luxurious word – great to say, with grand connotations. Some might consider a jaw-droppingly expensive marble floor as luxury. Others might consider it cold, hard and unwelcoming. Some might think that two sweeping curving staircases in your entrance hall is the epitome of luxury. Others might think one option to get to the first floor is all you need. Some might think that 28 silk pillows laid out across the bed is luxurious. Others might imagine that one pillow is enough.

Everyone will have their own perceptions of luxury and of the luxury homes for sale in London. At Inspired Homes, luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive or glamorous. Luxury can be subtle and warm, cosy and comforting. Luxury can be efficient, practical and space saving. And that’s what our version of luxury homes for sale in London are.

If you are looking for luxury homes for sale in London, it probably best to steer clear of central locations. You have more chance of getting on the property ladder outside London – 93% of the homes sold in London suburbs in recent years were bought by UK residents. So there is hope. Yes, luxury homes for sale in London are appealing but look just outside and you will be surprised at the properties you find.

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