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London’s Most Beautiful Commuter Towns

London is a beautiful city. Arguably one of the most beautiful cities. But affording property there is virtually impossible unless you are a multi millionaire. House prices are souring, making the most attractive areas a playground for the rich and famous. So what are the alternatives? What are London’s most beautiful commuter towns and what do they offer?

Of course, beauty is an objective thing. What you perceive as beauty in a town or suburb might not apply to others. For some it might be the architecture or history of an area that makes it beautiful. For others it might be green open spaces, wooded areas and other natural elements. Some people might find beauty in the culture or community of a town. Everyone will have their ideals. But here is a run down from Inspired Homes on what we think are some of London’s most beautiful commuter towns. We’ve also included the average house price on these areas and their commute time into Waterloo.

London’s most beautiful commuter towns

London’s Most Beautiful Commuter Towns

1. Windsor, Berkshire

One of London’s most beautiful commuter towns has to be Windsor. Main residence of the Queen and steeped in history, Windsor has a rich heritage and acre upon acre of beautiful parkland. The cobbled streets and village feel add to the charm and character of the town.

Average house price: £531,994

Commute into Waterloo: 45 minutes

2. Richmond, Berkshire

Like Windsor, Richmond has a riverside location and is surrounded by stunning parkland, which is why it is considered one of London’s most beautiful commuter towns. It has a genuine village feel, with a green where cricket is played in the summer, characterful cottages and mews dwellings. The riverside pubs and restaurants attract visitors from London and beyond. But be warned, property in Richmond is very expensive.

Average house price: £890,753

Commute into Waterloo: 21 minutes

3. Godalming, Surrey

Godalming is growing in popularity as a commuter town and this is in no small part due to the beauty of the town and the surrounding area. It has the feel of a traditional British village but with modern amenities and infrastructure too. It is a great town for those looking to escape the craziness of London after work and at the weekend. There is plenty to do and explore, with great access to the rest of the south.

Average house price: £476,391

Commute into Waterloo: 46 minutes

4. Epsom, Surrey

Epsom is an attractive town, full of tradition, which is why it appears on our list of London’s most beautiful commuter towns. Regular markets, traditional pubs and restaurants, as well as plenty of wide open space, Epsom is growing into a popular commuter town. The Epsom racecourse is its biggest attraction but if you are not into horses, there are endless other activities to enjoy.

Inspired Homes have recognised the popularity of Epsom as an attractive commuter town and we have a new apartment development in the town. Find out more about it here.

Average house price: £469,984 (with flats at £290,684)

Commute into Waterloo: 36 minutes

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