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London Suburbs with a Village Feel

London suburbs with a village feel appeal to those who need to be close to London but away from the hustle and bustle. London is a great city but if you work and live there it can become too much for some. Many commuters choose to live in peaceful, quieter areas on the outskirts of the city. This gives them a good work/life balance, allowing them to escape the noise and energy of the capital.

After a busy week working in the city, it is no surprise that some people don’t want to open their front door on a Saturday morning to taxis, buses, beeping horns and hoards of pedestrians. How lovely would it be to wake up to birds singing and trees rustling in a calm, quiet environment? There are plenty of London suburbs with a village feel that offer the balance you may be craving. Places such as Wimbledon Village or Hampstead Heath are perhaps the most well known. Spend a day up on the common in Wimbledon and you could be deep in the English countryside. But you are only a short hop from the centre of London.

But Wimbledon Village or Hampstead Heath are not viable options for the average house buyer. With neighbours like Tim Henman and Boris Becker, you know property ain’t cheap in Wimbledon Villlage! So what are the most realistic options? Which London Suburbs with a village feel have affordable property and a laid back lifestyle?

London Suburbs with a Village Feel

London Suburbs with a Village Feel

Epsom is a market town just outside London and has a charming, countrified feel. It is steeped in history, surrounded by wide open spaces and with its famous race track it can be classed as one of London suburbs with a village feel.

Nothing suggests ‘village feel’ more than a market and Epsom has a traditional farmers markets on Thursdays and Saturdays, as well as street traders throughout the week. A wander through the market, followed by a lunch time pint at one of the many old ale houses in the town, and you will have your village vibe.

What else are you looking for in London suburbs with a village feel? Space. If you want to feel like you are out of the city and in the country, acres of green space is essential. And Epsom has this in abundance with wide open spaces where plenty of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. There’s Epsom common with 436 acres of ponds, wetlands, heathlands and woodland. Space for biking, picnicking, walking and running. After which you can head back to that old ale house again for your evening pint.

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