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London rents reach record high

supply of rental properties

With a continuous increase in demand for housing and a lack of available supply, rents in the private rented sector are climbing to record highs. The latest data from the buy-to-let index by Your Move, shows that figures have reached an average of £846 across England and Wales. 

First-time buyers are seeing their dream of owning a London home pushed further away as property prices soar, yet even when it comes to renting, the private rented sector has seen an increase of 5.2% year-on-year.

On the other end of the spectrum, these numbers are making landlords incredibly optimistic and demand for buy-to-let property is on the rise. Interestingly, 72% of landlords are still hoping to increase their portfolio and are on the hunt for new purchasers with high rental yields. 

Recent surveys have shown how, unsurprisingly, it is London and the South East of England which has experienced the largest increase in rental prices. The region’s figures are up by a huge 14.9% since 2015 and this is now only being fuelled by a severe housing shortage. 

Worryingly, the average monthly rent in London is now £1273. With average salaries amounting to £30,000, living in the Capital is becoming increasingly unaffordable. 

That is where we come in from two very different angles. On one hand, we offer superb opportunities for buy to let investors. We produce an excellent product which is in demand, as well as a tailored furniture package to ensure the highest rental income possible, as well as conveniently taking many of the problems away from the investor. We ensure that the apartments are let out to ideal tenants and kept in a superb condition. 

In addition, we also focus on helping first-time buyers get onto the London housing ladder. We build beautiful apartments and studios in high-growth areas of London. All of our developments are located next to excellent transport links and offer a hub of entertainment and community style living. 

Furthermore, our prices start at less than £200,000 and we also have help to buy in place. This means that buying a London home could actually be a lot easier than you thought. 

To find out more, please contact our experienced team on 0208 668 6552

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