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London Property Hotspots in 2016

The property market in London is hugely diverse and ever changing. You really need to be on the ball to keep abreast of developments and trends in this hugely competitive property market. So where is hot, where is not? Here we take a look at what turns towns and suburbs into London Property Hotspots in 2016.

There are many things to consider. A new development of homes in a particular area could be an indication that the town or suburb is fast becoming a property hotspot. If you keep a close eye on property websites and property news, it is not hard to find where these new build homes are being constructed. Housing developers are shrewd and do their research. They are not going to build new homes in an area where they won’t sell.

London Property Hotspots in 2016

London Property Hotspots in 2016

Another major factor to consider when looking at London property hotspots in 2016 is transport links. If an area has efficient, regular and fast transport links into Central London, it will appeal to developers and commuters alike, hence it is likely to emerge as a property hotspot. Many suburbs of London are currently undergoing, or have recently undergone, improvements to their transport infrastructure to enable faster and more efficient travel. Croydon and Sutton are considered London property hotspots in 2016 due to their superb transport links.

It is not just commute time that makes good transport links important. People need to get away from London too. A week working in the city will inspire many London workers to have a weekend in the countryside at the seaside or even a weekend abroad. Being close to green open spaces, airports and quick access to the beaches of the South coast all play a part in turning an area into a property hotspot.

London property hotspots in 2016 will also emerge if there are factors that inject a bit of excitement and interest in an area. A Michelin starred restaurant, excellent shops and entertainment, a famous theatre or race track. Add into this well-performing schools, low crime rates and a sense of community, and you have all the ingredients to turn towns and suburbs into London Property Hotspots in 2016.

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