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Landlord Investor Show: Your Questions

As you may have read Inspired Homes recently attended two Landlord Investor Shows, and we had a wonderful time meeting with new and experienced Buy-to-Let’ers.

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions posited to us during the shows, we hope you’ll find them helpful:

1. I know Croydon is really booming, but can you give me the projected profit margins on your Croydon properties as a long term investment?

Absolutely! Â Croydon currently benefits from attractive purchase prices and stable rents which result in, on a conservative estimate, an anticipated average gross yield of 4.6% and an overall return of 53.3% over five years.

2. These images are great, but can I see the showroom?

Perfect timing, our show rooms will be available to see soon, in fact we are planning a special launch in Croydon on Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th, stay tuned for an invite right here on the Inspired Homes Blog.

3. Are you selling off-plan?

Yes we are, and the sooner you reserve your unit the better the price you will get.  First build completion among our developments will be Surrey House in July 2015.

4. What do you mean by “hallway free” layouts?

We maximize every inch of your future property by omitting hallways and keeping the layout open plan, while implementing strict safety protocols to ensure your safety and comfort. To be able to achieve this, we consult extensively with fire-engineering experts and use industry-standard fire-safety solutions such as automatic sprinkler systems and automatic opening vents. All in all, this results in a flat that has more useable space, and less redundant space, than others!

5. If I purchase a unit how can I keep updated on the build progress?

As completion nears, buyers will be provided with a log-in to access an online build tracker! Pretty cool huh?


We hope these helped with any questions you may have but always feel free to contact us with any more!



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