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Is Croydon a Good Place to Live

First time buyers and young professionals have been priced out of buying property in Central London by overseas buyers and investors. Prices are bordering on the ludicrous. So they have to look outside London. And when they do some research online about desirable commuter belts near London, they will see one place crop up rather a lot. Croydon. Once known for being a slightly run down area and the hometown of a famous supermodel, Croydon is going up in the world, and at a pretty fast rate. So is Croydon a good place to live?

The town has been undergoing something of a renaissance in recent years. It has been revived and energised with the help of an extensive regeneration programme. So in answer to the question, is Croydon a good place to live, it is a resounding ‘yes’. For many reasons.

Of course, you are not in Central London. But do you need to be? When looking at whether Croydon is a good place to live the transport links could well play a part. The City Thames Link will get you to London Bridge in 15 minutes and Victoria in under 20 minutes. The town is also unique for having a Tram Link into Wimbledon, from where you can easily access the rest of London.

Is Croydon a Good Place to Live

So that’s transport into London sorted. So why else is Croydon a good place to live? One of the most exciting developments underway in the town is the Westfield Shopping Centre. £1 billion has been invested to create a premier shopping destination. Due to open in 2019/20, the buzz around Westfield is already attracting home buyers and commercial enterprises to the area. Once complete, Westfield will consist of 1.5 million square feet of retail space, restaurants, bars cinemas, a bowling alley and more. Instead of going into London to shop, Londoners will he heading to the suburbs for their retail therapy. Is Croydon a good place to live? Yes. Is Croydon a good place to shop? Absolutely!

Is Croydon a Good Place to Live and Work? Yes

Numerous businesses, enterprises and events are being attracted to the area, resulting in an interesting cultural diversity that that add positive weight to your question – is Croydon a good place to live? Here are some examples – the Lost Format Pop Up Cinema makes use of the multi-storey car park roof to show movies. The renowned street food of Bowpark will soon be setting up permanently in Croydon. The David Lean cinema chooses art films over Hollywood blockbusters and the Matthews Yard workspace is a hub if creative activity – life drawing classes, poetry readings and pop-up theatre are just some of the activities you can enjoy there.

So is Croydon a good place to live? We think so, which is why we have a number of new build developments in the area, complete or close to completion. These are perfect for first time buyers who work in London but require more affordable living accommodation.

You can find out more about our homes here.

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