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Introducing the Inspired Homes Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome.

Thank you for reading our first post on our brand new Inspired Homes Blog.

If you are not already familiar with what we do here at Inspired Homes allow us to tell you. We take old unused office buildings in vibrant and commuter friendly neighbourhoods and upcycle them into efficiently spaced but utterly luxurious and tech-friendly flats. We are passionate not just about creating great apartments, but creating a great resident experience as well.

So here we will be discussing just what it means to Live Brilliantly. You’ll find helpful tips for First Time Buyers, some cool DIY and Upcycling ideas, Spotlights on fun and interesting things to do in London, and much more!

Always feel free to contact us for enquiries, or just comment with your thoughts or questions. We’re all about economic living with a luxurious flare so keep posted for all things Inspired!

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