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Inspired interview renowned London interior designer Martyn White

Since 2014, Martyn White Designs has become a platform for creativity and passion in interior design, photography and art. His recent features have included iconic brands such as LINLEY, Tom Dixon and Boca Do Lobo with the introduction of talented designers such as Copper Dust, Vitamin and Markus Johansson.

As an avid lover of all things opulent, Martyn has experience and understanding in all aspects of the luxury sector. With an academic background in interior design and a desire to inspire, his passion is clear, which is why Inspired turned to Martyn to ask some important design questions.

Located in London, Martyn has direct access to some of the most influential designer brands, styles and services, enabling Martyn White Designs to remain current with an international presence. We went along to ask Martyn about the latest trends in interior design and how to make the most out of your Inspired home.

What are your favourite stable pieces when designing the entire look of a room?

For myself, lighting is one of the most important items in a room. Not only can they look fantastic and create an artistic focal point to a space, they change the ambiance of a room throughout the duration of a day. Lighting is also a great thing to start with whilst designing a space, details, materials and colours can be pulled from the design which can then in turn inspire the room and connect it together.

At Inspired, our apartments seem relatively small, but include the highest quality appliances and are designed efficiently. We do this to allow first time buyers the chance to get onto the property ladder in London and Greater London. How can you make a room look larger via clever interior design?

When designing a smaller space, there are several things that you can do to to open it up and make the space appear larger. It is best to keep tones light and bright, I think pastels work particularly well. Make sure things are limited at eye level, if a piece of furniture finishes below eye level and you can see the wall behind, you are seeing the maximum distance in a room. If a piece of furniture finishes at eye level, such as a full height bookshelf, you are essentially bringing the walls in closer and making the space appear smaller. Make sure that every inch of space is optimised, get rid of the shelves and visible storage, try and work this into the furniture such as seating that has storage in it, beds that have storage under them. Mirrors also work wonders, if you have a large mirror and it is reflecting the longest part of the room back, it feels as if the room has been extended, making a room appear larger.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Being lucky enough to live in London, I get most of my inspiration from my surroundings. Walking around such a diverse and creative city allows you to get different perspectives on styles, each street and area being completely different to the next. You can be sitting in a restaurant one night surrounded by modern luxuries and international design and then go shopping the next and be surrounded by incredible traditional British design.

What colours tend to look best in smaller apartments?

I really love the Scandinavian style that has been incredibly popular recently, keeping your surroundings light and bright whilst injecting colour through accessories such as cushions, vases and artwork. Particular colours, I feel that mint green, powder blue and other pastel tones work particularly well along with light shades of grey. It is best to avoid rich and heavy colours as they can close a space in.

What items offer the perfect finishing touches?

My favourite part of design is the finishing touches! It is the accessories in a space that add the character and tell a story. I think it is important to use plants within a space, it softens the edges and creates a natural air to a space. Candles, vases and cushions also add the perfect finishing touches to a space, it is an easy way to add comfort, warmth and personality, making a space feel lived in, turning a house into a home.

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