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Inspired Homes lead the way for first time buyers

 A recent survey by Barrett Homes has highlighted how 77% of first-time buyers are having to compromise on quality in order to afford their first home, while also paying significantly more than they first anticipated. 

It’s no secret that the London housing market is becoming increasingly difficult to enter, with increases in demand continuing to push prices upwards. 

This latest survey showed how the majority of first-time buyers aim to spend around £210,000, yet most are having to spend at least £220,000 once all of the hidden costs are taken into account. 

Furthermore, despite having to increase their budget, first time buyers are having to forfeit space, gardens and location to simply be able to say they are home owners. 

That is why we focus on providing homes for first time buyers that are not only attainable, but offer beautiful interiors as well as award-winning communal sky gardens, cinema rooms and business lounges. 

We’ve made it our business to discover what young Londoners really want, and we feel confident in saying that we’ve definitely got it right. That is why we coined the term of ‘living brilliantly’. 

All of our homes are based in locations with superb transport links, excellent amenities and a real sense of community. 

We work with designers to ensure all of our studios and apartments are fitted out with the latest home technologies, so when you move it, there is no hassle. No decorating, no worrying about the internet or electricity…Everything is ready to go!

That is why we think you’ll be glad to hear that despite our apartments being the very best when it comes to urban living, yet they are priced well below the London average of £610,000. 

Our homes start at £ 235,000 and we also have help to buy in place, meaning that a London apartment could be yours with just a 5% deposit. 

To find out more, please contact the team on 0208 688 6552

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