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Inspired Homes feature in The Sunday Times

We are very proud to announce that Inspired Homes featured in The Sunday Times this weekend.

The article refers to how property developers are getting creative with their buildings, and Inspired Homes are one of the names who are leading the way.

The Sunday Times note how we go that extra mile to make our homes unique and high quality, and in this instance, it wasn’t due to our extensive resident facilities or superb home efficiencies, but infact the artwork at Green Dragon House. To see the full article please click HERE

Green Dragon House in Croydon acted as a canvas for world-famous artist Ben Eine, and in doing so, attracted a lot of very positive attention.

Eine has completed work for President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as having his work featured across the world from America to the UAE.

Ben stated that he ‘came to Croydon a year ago and decided to get involved in the street art scene’.  He chose to paint the word ‘mesmorising’, as it is one of his favourite words, and he has been waiting to use it but simply needed a large enough canvas.

He added: “Street art has been instrumental in invigorating urban areas in cities and councils like Croydon are starting to realise the positive benefits that creating a buzzing street art scene can bring to an area.”

Here, at Inspired Homes, we specialise in designing exceptional apartments in London and Greater London that are affordable. However, wherever possible, we make sure that we add a unique finishing touch that won’t be found in any other development.

Our efforts to cultivate relationships with artists, local business and venues mean that we are always able to offer our residents an instant welcome to their new home.

To find out more about how we make our homes unique, please call the team on 0207 495 0523

Click HERE to see the full article

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