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Inspired features in the Croydon Advertiser for building homes nearly half the price of an average London flat

This week, Inspired took centre stage in the Croydon Advertiser regarding the development of offices into flats. The housing crisis still looms across the country, however, one solution is permitted development.

Despite Croydon’s council opting out of the permitted development scheme, the government is moving in the opposite
direction. Last month, it was announced that PD will be made permanent with the hope that it helps to ease the lack of housing supply.

The newspaper noted how Inspired has created 467 flats in the area that has seen an increase in property prices of over 30% since the year 2000.

CEO, Martin Skinner, went on to say that permitted development has enabled developers to bring about “affordable homes at an accelerated pace”. For example, prices at Inspired’s latest acquisition, Impact House, start at just £293,950 which is substantially less than the London average of £430,685.

Permitted development is an interesting concept as its schemes are much more viable than new builds, so homes are delivered far more quickly which is what is currently needed given the soaring levels of demand across the UK.

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