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High Tech Homes in London

It’s a strange question, you might think, but it might soon be one you ask your friends down the pub on a Friday night. What can your home do? Those of you who have lived in the same house or apartment for a while probably haven’t seen or experienced how high tech homes in London have become. In this fast-paced world where technology rules, the innovations available for high tech homes in London are pretty amazing. Yes, it might mean you sit on your backside more and control the heating or draw the curtains from your sofa but these innovations are fun and progressive. And they are great to show off to your friends. Yes, much of the tech is just there to dazzle but isn’t it cool to run a bath by remote control?

So what can high tech homes in London now do? Well, the home tech revolution has certainly begun and the gadgets, gizmos and innovations are only going to get better and more mind boggling as we head towards a technology-led future. Technology can provide the answer to virtually any household necessity, whether its security, practicality or pure show-off novelty.

High Tech Homes in London

With London being one of the most diverse, forward thinking and innovative cities in the world it is no surprise to see high tech homes in London full of, well, high-tech stuff. There are numerous apps, websites, communication hubs and control panels that are all there to make your home life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. And with a smartphone or tablet, you can control your home from wherever you are in the world.

What can you find in High Tech Homes in London

For a bit of fun, lets take a look at One Hyde Park, that indulgent, sumptuous development in central London that has taken high tech homes in London to the extreme (but don’t be surprised to see many of these features as standard in homes of the future!). The apartments in One Hyde Park feature the following:

• Bomb proof windows
• 24-hour room service from Heston Blumenthal’s chefs
• Eye recognition security
• 50in televisions that rotate to become paintings
• Whole room audio to broadcast music libraries around the house
• Illuminated bar
• Smart lighting and climate control
• 80” cinema screen
• Full height wine fridge
• Demisting mirrors
• Electronic blinds that can be programmed to open slowly to let natural light creep in

Our favourite though, is this one – residents can install a dressing room camera that will take a photo of their glad rags from behind and project it onto a screen so they can check their look from all sides before going out. Amazing! This is taking high tech homes in London to the next level.

Of course, these high tech homes in London are out of the average house buyer’s league. But that is not to say the technology is too. At Inspired Homes, we use practical, innovative and highly functional technology in our affordable homes to save on energy costs, add security and make life a little simpler for our residents. Unfortunately there are no 360 degree cameras to check your get up before you go out. We’ll leave that one to the Kardashians.

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