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Have you seen the unicorns in Croydon?

With the tech industry developing at the speed of a Hennessey Venom GT, it’s no  surprise that there are already over 100 “unicorn” start-ups now valued in excess of £1 billion across the globe.

London tech hubs are now evolving to challenge the traditional silicon city stateside. In addition to this, the founder of Croydon Tech City believes the borough has all it needs to quickly establish itself as the tech centre of London, with the area quickly becoming the fastest growing digital hub in the UK.

That’s where you come in!

We want to find the most exciting tech start-up in Croydon and interview the masterminds behind it.

Inspired Homes now have five developments in Croydon, and since our very own CEO Martin Skinner has a tech background, it is a topic very close to our heart.

So get in touch and let us know your story!


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