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Has the impact of Brexit been exaggerated?

To judge by tabloid headlines, there is no more talked about topic than Brexit. Whether Britain decides to part ways from Brussels is still massively under debate and has prompted some seriously uncalled for scare mongering. Yes, the prime London market has largely been propped up by international investors, but critics are not taking into account London as a whole.

The past few months have seen different predictions of Brexit’s impact on the property market come to light, however industry professionals aren’t as shaken as some believe.

The market may experience a very brief cooling period where prices stabilise, but the truth is that demand for bricks and mortar in the capital city is at a record high and showing no signs of slowing. Investors, both native and international, are funneling their money into both London and the greater growth areas such as Croydon and Sutton.

The only areas of uncertainty remain in the commercial property market, where people have sounded alarm bells over the prices and costs of office space. However, the residential market has not experienced a reduction in demand for low to mid-priced housing, because there is just not enough to go around!

Those who are voting to stay in the EU are worried about finding themselves in negative equity, and the ‘out’ camp tries to lure the priced-out with the prospect of a new era of cheap housing. However, people are forgetting that prices are forged thanks to market forces, and there is still a massive under supply in quality, yet affordable housing, particularly in London and Greater London.

That is why we have placed our money where are mouths are and developed stunning apartments which have a special emphasis on appealing to first time buyers, and it’s also no surprise that they are selling at such a fast rate.

Our flats in Croydon start at just 285,000 and in Crawley at £183,950, and with just a 5% deposit, many of our homes could be yours.

To find out more, contact us on 020 8688 6552.

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