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Green Dragon House features in the Croydon Advertiser following Ben Eine artwork

Two weeks ago, world famous street artist, Ben Eine, chose Green Dragon House as the canvas for his latest piece and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Eine has completed work for President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as having his work featured across the world from America to the UAE. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to have his iconic style demonstrated across our flagship residential development.

The word ‘mesmerising’ is now visible across the Inspired building and has been produced as part of the Croydon mural project in association with the Rise Gallery.

Ben stated that he ‘came to Croydon a year ago and decided to get involved in the street art scene’.  He chose the word mesmorising as it is one of his favourite words, and he has been waiting to use it but simply needed a large enough canvas.

He added: “Street art has been instrumental in invigorating urban areas in cities and councils like Croydon are starting to realise the positive benefits that creating a buzzing street art scene can bring to an area.”

To find out more about Ben’s work at Green Dragon House or to simply visit the development, please call on 020 8688 6552.

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