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Four rather amazing reasons you should move to Croydon

Over the years, the borough of Croydon has become increasingly trendy. First-time buyers and city workers alike have all flocked to the area and made it their home. 

1. The arrival of a new Westfield Shopping Centre 

 Yes, you read that correctly. Over the next few years, the Croydon Partnership will be transforming Croydon’s current two main shopping areas to make a brand new Westfield Shopping Centre, due to open in 2020. The regeneration plans are expected to cost £1.4 billion, so you can imagine the impact it’s going to have on the area! (Think along the lines of the new Stratford). In addition to the arrival of key anchor stores, there will be over 300 shops, restaurants and cafes which will all bring together a vibrant mix of high street fashion, as well as promoting independent retailers. 

 2. It’s the UK’s version of Silicon Valley

Whenever you open Forbes Magazine or the Financial Times, there always seems to be another tech entrepreneur who has launched another incredibly profitable and interesting start-up. Well, Croydon is most likely where all the action started. Croydon has subtly been reinventing itself as London’s tech hub, and it’s done that rather successfully. The borough now boasts unique workplaces, talks and workshops which all promote tech and entrepreneurialism. So, if you’ve got the next big idea, get yourself to Croydon quickly to start building your business! (It’s where the next generation of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are choosing to base themselves, so surround yourself with good company). 

3. Get connected 

Croydon is one of the few areas still accessible to first-time buyers that can happily rely on superb transport links to Central London. Those who live in the area can secure beautiful properties for as little as £300,000, yet they can in central London within 25 minutes. We all want to get onto the property ladder, and Croydon really could be your best way in. Don’t miss out! 

 4. Be a culture vulture 

We work and we play, yet it’s so much nicer if we can play in fun and vibrant places and Croydon has quite a lot to offer? From regular street markets, cool hideouts such as Matthews Yard to live music venues, the options are endless. Yes, we all love a night out in Zone 1, but it’s also nice to know that you can grab a drink and some food right next door to your home, and it’s still marvellous! In addition to food, there’s also rooftop cinema clubs, sports centres and plenty of green spaces to simply relax. 

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