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Flats in Croydon for Young Professionals

Were you aware that Croydon has developed into an epicentre for innovation and tech? The town has been dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of South London’. It is home to an ever-growing number of digital start-ups, software developers and other tech-based business. So if you are part of the Croydon technology revolution, you might be looking at flats in Croydon for young professionals.

2016 is the fourth year of the Croydon Tech City Project, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for growing, managing and sustaining Croydon tech cluster and community. With thousands of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and software developers on board, it is clear to see why business is abuzz in Croydon.

This growth has created an enormous amount of job opportunities for graduates and young workers. But where do they all live? How will they find a good work/life balance? They are not going to live in Central London and commute out to Croydon. So where are the flats in Croydon for young professionals and what is there to do in the town after work?

Flats in Croydon for Young Professionals

Flats in Croydon for Young Professionals

Here at Inspired Homes, we have redeveloped a number of the town’s old office blocks and buildings, transforming them into luxury one and two bedroom apartments. They are high-tech (they need to be to appeal to the young professionals of Tech City!), beautifully finished and designed and have many modern, practical innovations to appeal to the younger buyer.

Our development at Green Dragon House features an innovative roof terrace with views over London and beyond. After a busy day developing a new piece of software or the latest phone app, young professionals can unwind with a glass of wine, a game of ping pong, a barby or some downtime in the chilled out seating areas. Or perhaps they might enjoy a bit of pool and socialising in the communal lounge area. As flats in Croydon for young professionals go, Green Dragon House is a fine example.

So what else is there to do in the area for those looking for flats in Croydon for young professionals. Well, you can enjoy a fantastic social life in the town. There are plenty of restaurants, trendy bars and nightclubs. There’s theatre entertainment and events. The Westfield Shopping Centre is being transformed into one of the premier shopping and entertainment venues in London. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the plentiful parks and green open spaces.

For those who work in technology, this town is the place to be. And there are plenty of flats for young professionals in Croydon. You can start your search here.

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