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Commuter Towns Near London

If the cost of living in London is making you think about moving out of the city, you will no doubt be trawling through all the lists of top commuter towns near London on the internet. And there are plenty of them! When looking at places to live near London there’s plenty to consider. Transport links, amenities, house prices, schools, open space to name but a few.

So you want to move out and commute to London? Here is your opportunity to get the best of everything. Commuter towns near London are a great middle point, with your work career at one end and your lifestyle at the other. Being in the middle is good and this is the great thing about these towns. Quick access to work. Quick access to open spaces and the countryside. More choice for you and your family and, perhaps the most attractive aspect of commuter towns near London, much more affordable.

Commuter Towns Near London

So where to go? How far out is commutable? These are the decisions you need to make when looking at commuter towns near London. Swapping the city for the English countryside or charming market towns sounds splendid. Oxford, Winchester, Cambridge, Guildford – all very desirable with wonderful lifestyles on offer. But perhaps a bit too far out and really not that much cheaper than living in London itself!

Have you considered up and coming towns such as Croydon or Sutton? Commuter towns near London that are undergoing massive regeneration and offering families and first-time buyers an affordable route onto the property ladder. Or perhaps Epsom might appeal – on list of attractive commuter towns near London, Epsom is regular near the top.

We have new build developments in all of these towns and they are hugely attractive commuter belts. We have built affordable, high-spec, high-tech, contemporary homes that will make you rethink your options when considering commuter towns near London. You can find out more about these developments here.

Travel Times for Commuter Towns Near London

And you might want to take a look at while you weigh up the pros and cons of commuter towns near London. A great little site that will give you train times, average house price and monthly travel costs for commuter towns near London. Here’s how Croydon, Sutton and Epsom faired and compared to Winchester, we know which commuter towns near London are more affordable! Take a look…


To London Waterloo: 20 mins
Average house price: £263,870
Monthly travel cost: £155.60


To London Waterloo: 35 mins
Average house price: £293,336
Monthly travel cost: £155.60


To London Waterloo: 36 mins
Average house price: £352,382
Monthly travel cost: £180.10


To London Waterloo: 58 mins
Average house price: £388,295
Monthly travel cost: £450.90

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