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Buy a New Home in London

Looking to buy a new homes in London and can’t decide between old and new? Here is a little guide to give you a few ideas on how to buy a new home in London.

There are thousands of new homes being built in London at any one time. And there are thousands of traditional homes available on property sites. It’s a minefield out there. You could be browsing on Zoopla one day and find a charming London character property that is perfect for your needs. Then the next day you might stumble across a new build development of stunning, contemporary homes or apartments, located close to your workplace and near to the best schools. When looking to buy a new home in London, the headache starts from the get go.

Trawl the internet and you will find websites extolling the virtues of new build homes, you will find other websites destroying them. At the end of the day, it’s your decision but it is helpful to get a clearer picture. So here’s the battle – buy a new home in London V buy a traditional home in London.

Buy a New Home in London

Why buy a traditional home in London?

Traditional London homes are reliable, full of character, steeped in history and usually full of charming features, little nooks and crannies and interesting layouts. They have large rooms, high ceilings and period designs. And traditional homes are often in prime locations – close to transport links, shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, landmarks and more.

Traditionalists will argue – you buy a new home in London and it will lack character and have a poor quality build. It will have a basic, boring layout and it will look exactly the same as the other 50 apartments in the same block. Nothing unique, nothing exciting.

Buying a traditional home in London is great but…

Why buy a new home in London?

Traditional homes in prime locations are usually expensive. Very expensive. And out of the league of most first time buyers. Yes, they exude a certain charm and status but are they practical for the modern day home buyer? Will they suit young professionals and families? Are you even allowed to put add an extension or re-design the interior to give it a modern makeover? Is the plumbing and electrics up to scratch? And how much are you paying to heat that high-ceilinged hallway?!

If you buy a new home in London, there are many benefits to consider. Firstly, the perception that new build homes are boxy and of poor build quality is not always true (just take a look at our Inspired Homes developments here!). Creativity knows no bounds in the fast-paced, high-tech world and this is evident in many newly built properties. If you want to buy a new home in London that is cosy and comfortable, but still has modern comforts such as the latest technology that you can control from your phone, social roof top gardens, energy saving heating and water and beautifully finished interiors, then you can.

And with the governments Help to Buy scheme applicable to many new homes in London, you don’t have to worry so much about your finances to get on the property ladder.

Of course, here at Inspired Homes we fall on the side of ‘buy a new home in London’. But we are aware of how people are drawn to older style properties. As such, we always endeavour to include a little bit of traditional charm in our developments. Buy a new home in London with Inspired Homes, and you can get the best of both worlds.

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