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Best Places to Live Near London

The best places to live near London is an ongoing debate. Everyone will have their favourite areas, their dream location. But are our dream locations realistic? Of course, we’d all love to live in Notting Hill and stroll round the parks and amble round the markets holding hands with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. But of course that is a dream. Who can afford a house, or even a small one bedroom flat, in Notting Hill? It might be one of the best places to live near London central, but it’s out of most people’s league.

If you work in Central London but the cost of buying a home there is getting you down, worry not. There are endless ‘best places to live near London’ and you will be amazed at the savings you can make on property in these places. And you will also be surprised at how quick it is to get to the City or Central London from some of the boroughs. For example, Croydon into Victoria takes just 16 mins.

Best Places to Live Near London – the Stats

When debating with friends, family and colleagues about the best places to live near London, here are some stats that will probably make a few people fall of their seats. Research by Lloyds bank in 2015, showed that people with up to an hour’s train ride into London save, on average £450,000 (or 60%) on the average house price compared to those living in Central London. £450,000!!!! You could buy another house for that. In Crawley, which is about an hour’s commute from Central London, the average house price is £272,000 compared to £722,000 average for properties in zones 1 and 2. Surely, that’s a reason to make Crawley one of the best places to live near London! (We have a development under construction there – find out more here).

best places to live near London

Here’s another great bit of Lloyds research to share with people when looking at the best places to live near London. The average annual travel cost from these one hour commuter towns such as Crawley is relatively small at £4,944. This means that a commuter would need to travel for 91 years for the total travel costs to meet the difference in the average house prices for these areas!

So what are the average house prices differences for Croydon, only 20 mins from Central London? The average house price in Croydon is £321,000 lower than in Central London.

And with Croydon on the up and turning into the Silicon Vallery of South London, you might want to argue that Croydon is one of the best places to live near London.

We have several new build developments in Croydon, offering luxurious affordable housing to commuters. Find out more here.

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