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5 Best Reasons to Live in Sutton

Sutton is a well-known London suburb and is popular place for young professionals and families alike. It is just 10 miles from Central London and sits on the edge of the North Downs, so has green space in abundance all around. We have a new development of affordable Inspired Homes apartments in Sutton. So we though we’d give you a run down of the 5 best reasons to live in Sutton.

1. Family friendly

First in our list of the 5 best reasons to live in Sutton is its family friendly feel. Families, or indeed young couples planning a family, are drawn to Sutton for many reasons. The first is safety. The area is known for its low crime rates, with serious crime being very low. It is a very pleasant place to live. And another factor that attracts families are the schools. The grammar school education system in Sutton features quality schools that regular feature at the top of the rankings. The nurseries and primary schools are excellent too.

2. Housing

Next on our list of the 5 best reasons to live in Sutton is housing. Sutton is one of the most affordable places to buy near London for first time buyers. The average house price is £311,000 and there are many housing developments underway. The Inspired Homes development at Sutton Court features contemporary, stylish apartments starting at £265,950. And with the area undergoing something of a regeneration, you can expect to see a 15.7% increase on your property in the first year.

5 best reasons to live in sutton

5 Best Reasons to Live in Sutton

3. Open space

Sitting on the lower slopes of the North Downs and in the leafy county of Surrey, Sutton has plenty of green open space to enjoy – over 1500 acres of it in fact. This is definitely one of the best reasons to live in Sutton. For active folk, the parks and nearby countryside gives you space to enjoy running, cycling, walking and other outdoor pursuits. It’s also a great town to keep your kids active and outdoors.

4. Transport Links

The transport links from Sutton into Central London are excellent. You can get into Victoria in 20 mins which, is great for those working in Central London or planning a day out in the capital. And Gatwick Airport is just 15 miles away.

5. Village feel

It’s hard to find a villagey feel close to Central London but Sutton has just that, which is why it appears on our list of the 5 best reasons to live in Sutton. There are some charming old pubs, restaurants and buildings and a great community spirit in general. Something that is hard to find in Central London.

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