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Slow broadband speeds named most annoying home-mover bugbear

According to a survey of 3,000 Brits commissioned by Hyperoptic, the UK’s leading full fibre provider, slow broadband speed has been cited as the number one unexpected home-mover bugbear.

Slow broadband speeds trump noisy neighbours as most annoying unexpected home-mover bugbear with many respondents saying they wouldn’t have moved had they known the broadband would be inadequate.

Over a third of respondents (34%) said they wanted to know what broadband speeds they would receive at peak times, while another key concern expressed by 28% was the responsiveness of the landlord. The reliability of the mobile phone signal was important to 18% but not living next to noisy neighbours surprisingly came in at the bottom of the list with only 6% saying that it would be their top concern.

Commenting, Steve Holford, Chief Customer Officer at Hyperoptic, said: “We are hitting one of the busiest times of the year for moving home, but ironically for many the speed of the market won’t be matched by the speed at which they can connect to the Internet when they get into a new property. The average property broadband speed that is given from a property website is basically misleading since it does not factor in how much a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet broadband service can reduce at peak times. It is time that the property sector woke up to the fact that broadband is not just a standard property amenity – it has the power to turn off a prospective renter and buyer altogether. Brits want and deserve to know how their broadband will perform at the time they need it most.”

At Inspired Homes, we are specialists in micro-apartments and that means maximising every square inch of floorspace. Our customers are typically busy young professionals who spend more time outside of their apartments – working, travelling, or visiting friends – and place a greater value on specification, technology and location than space. With fewer possessions and music and film collections stored in the Cloud, internet connectivity is key. Hyperoptic’s 1 Gigabit service is the fastest residential broadband in the UK and we install it at all our developments. Their broadband and telephony service is available to every Inspired resident on the day they pick up their keys and can be activated within an hour of order.

To enquire about our superfast developments, contact the sales team on 020 8688 6552.

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