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Invest Brilliantly: The Summer Party

Panel at TMRW

Invest Brilliantly, our inaugural property networking event that aims to inspire buy to let investors with insider knowledge, was held on Thursday 13 July at TMRW Hub and Byte Café in Croydon.

Chaired by Vanessa Warwick of, the event included a panel discussion between Heather Powell, Head of Property at Kingston Smith; Tim O’Hanlon, Managing Director of Torc24; Kevin Cutler, Business Development Director at Ascendancy London; and Neil Taylor, Sales Director at Inspired Homes.

The panel discussed a range of issues from how to invest tax efficiently to which locations to pick. The panel agreed that Brexit, new affordability tests and tax changes had made it a challenging time for buy to let but good financial planning and choosing the right assets would ensure that investors could still be successful. And when the audience was asked to give a show of hands if they still planned to invest in property, all hands went up.

Inspired would like to say a huge thank you to our panel and to everyone who attended. Martin sends his apologies that he couldn’t make it down on this occasion but has promised to make it up in future events. We hope that this can be the first of many ‘Invest Brilliantly’ events and are already planning the next one.

Check out the slideshow of photos from the event below and you can also view them on the Inspired Homes Facebook page.

  • Invest Brilliantly Image 1
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 2
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 3
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 4
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 5
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 6
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 7
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 8
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 9
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 10
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 11
  • Invest Brilliantly Image 12

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