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The micropub revolution – great tasting beer with the personal touch

The Chiverton Tap micropub in Cheadle Hulme

Micropubs are taking things back to basics by removing unnecessary frills and focusing on a great atmosphere where like-minded customers can enjoy delicious beers at competitive prices.

These establishments pride themselves on the quality of their products as the main reason for people being there is to sample something great that they haven’t had before. In contrast to the traditional pub scene, where food is has become so important to customer retention, those coming to micropubs are wanting more from their beers – a larger selection of tastes and aromas to heighten their drinking experience.

Microbreweries offer a more personal touch, commonly mirroring the local vibes and energy of the area in order to create a unique product which stands out and competes against the big brands. The intimate nature of these establishments places an immediate emphasis on sociability the moment you step foot through the door. Customers are encouraged to talk to one another, even those who are making solo visits, creating a friendly environment, bringing communities together and encouraging long lasting friendships – all over a pint.

With the average price for a pint of draught at a pub increasing 56% over the last 14 years, traditional pubs have lost numbers with many forced to close. For those that do still pop to their local for a print, the conviviality once associated with pubs is something increasingly lost in the technological era, where people choose to hide behind their smart phones instead of speaking to people in front of them. Yet – thanks to the continuing emergence of micropubs the trend is reversing. Redundant buildings are being brought back to life, creating a new focal point for communities up and down the country. Micropubs are popping up in disused butchers, stable blocks and artists’ studios, amongst many other locations. These buildings have maintained their character as well as providing premises with low overheads, allowing prices to remain competitive. These emerging social hubs with their unique micropub vibe have also had a positive impact on local businesses, who have profited significantly from the increased footfall in their area.

The micropub is resurrecting the pub scene, not through food, but simply by offering great tasting beer with the personal touch. Long may it continue!

Micropubs and breweries near our developments:

1. ‘The Chiverton Tap, Cheadle Hulme – Just 2 minutes from our Fabrick development, The Chiverton Tap was opened in May 2015 by like-minded local residents passionate about their booze.
2. ‘The Cronx Bar, Croydon – Located in Boxpark, just 12 minutes’ walk from Innova, this micropub offers a great range of beers, not only from The Cronx Brewery, but also from local and national favourites.
3. ‘Brixton Brewery, Brixton – 10 minutes by bus from our new development on Abbeville Road, this microbrewery is making the kind of gutsy, flavourful beer we want to drink, doing their bit to put their patch on the map for those who appreciate distinctive, handcrafted beers’.

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