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Top tips for furnishing a micro-apartment

Furnishing micro apartments with Sarah Awksombe

Smart living requires smart thinking. Interior designer Sarah Akwisombe shares her top tips for furnishing micro apartments.

#1 Double down
Most high street brands are starting to understand the needs of city dwellers and have created many functional pieces that serve two uses. Side tables that also double up as stools, coffee tables that convert into dining tables and beds that double up as storage can now be found relatively easily and at an affordable price.

#2 Put baby in the corner
Think about where there is dead space in your home – behind doors and corners of rooms for instance. Look for shelving units that hug these hidden spaces and turn them into extra storage or an area to display plants and accessories that can then leave more important areas in your home free.

#3 Put your hands up
We often forget that we have so much wasted space high above our heads. Utilise the top of walls for shelving and storage of items that you don’t need to use on a day to day basis. You can get some design-led storage boxes from high street stores to hide clutter and those bits and bobs that don’t have a home.

#4 Small feet, big kicks
When furnishing micro apartments, look for pieces that have a small base in order to maximise your space. A floor lamp with three legs for example might look great but actually takes up way more space than is needed. A lamp with a singular base will be much easier to slip alongside a sofa or in the corner of a room without taking up unnecessary room.

#5 Smoke and mirrors
I love to use mirrors as a way to create the illusion of more space in a small room. Place them strategically opposite windows or next to a lamp to bounce light around your home, or alongside tighter pieces of furniture to make the space feel more airy. If you’re feeling daring, a mirror wall is an amazing way to make a space feel so much bigger!

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